Hyundai icv 150 инструкция

hyundai icv 150 инструкция
This can also be caused by a faulty TPS, or even a poor ground. The EGR valve itself could be inoperative or plugged with carbon. Q: 2006 Chevrolet Aveo, code P0106? A: The code P0106 is for the MAP sensor, which is mounted on the intake manifold. Двигатели газонокосилок имеют воздушное охлаждение, и чистота охлаждающих ребер это залог их эффективной работы и предотвращения перегрева. В целях очитки ребер, возможно, придется снять часть внешних вспомогательных элементов двигателя.

Ответ на этот вопрос У меня та же проблема Да Нет Проголосовали Отменить по рейтингу 8 Наиболее полезный ответ A multiple misfire can certainly cause the engine to surge. Big issue for people who like to trick out their rides. The code P0171 is very common, so we dedicated a separate page for this code. See if the vacuum line to the sensor is not broken and check the voltage at the sensor. This time the idle speed should return to normal. If it does, the problem is not in the IAC circuit or motor. Read full article: The code P0128 — Coolant Thermostat.P0130 — O2 Sensor Circuit (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Front Oxygen Sensor The fault code P0130 is set when the voltage from the front O2 sensor is out of range.

With the engine off, check TPS voltage with the accelerator pedal relaxed. The IAC valve opens a small bypass circuit that allows air to bypass the throttle. Это можно сделать, продев в отверстие ножа круглый стержень или гвоздь. Check for vacuum leaks, there are not uncommon in F150: you may hear it as a hissing noise from under the hood. This may happens, for example, when the oxygen signal wire gets shorted to a power wire somewhere in the harness.

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