Инструкция пользователя samsung gt-18190

инструкция пользователя samsung gt-18190
Отложите телефон и внимательно прочтите все имеющиеся инструкции. В: Я делал бэкап на одной версии прошивки (модема), но хочу восстановить на другой. О: Восстанавливаем бэкап только на той версии прошивки и модема, на которой сделан бэкап. During playback, press [ add the current song to the quick list. To go to the quick list, from the music player main screen, select Playlists →… Page 74: Music Hub, Fm Radio Music Hub You can access the online music store, and search for and buy your favourite songs. Page 52: Email › Organise email by labels You can organise your email by labelling your messages. Select an article to open it. → Settings → News To add news topics, press [ settings →… Page 98: Connectivity, Bluetooth Bluetooth. If the devices are within range of one another, you can exchange information between them even if they are located in different rooms. Polaris Office Learn to create and view Polaris Office documents on your device and memory card.

Handle and dispose of batteries and chargers with care • Use only Samsung-approved batteries and chargers specifically designed for your device. Using an incompatible memory card may damage your device or the memory card and can corrupt data stored on the card. Task In Idle mode, open the application list and select manager… Page 30: Change Your Ringtone In Idle mode, press [ → → an option.

Remove the back cover. Be careful not to damage your fingernails when you remove the back cover. Pirated or illegal software may cause damage or malfunctions that are not covered by your manufacturer’s warranty. Page 29: Customise Your Device › Use the task manager Your device is a multitasking device. It can run more than one application at the same time. Internet Learn to access and bookmark your favourite web pages.

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