Антирадар cobra xrs 9880 инструкция

антирадар cobra xrs 9880 инструкция
Audible alerts can be speed-based, keeping mum below a threshold velocity. Сегодня модельная линейка антирадаров COBRA так широка и разнообразна, что выбор конкретного аппарата представляется даже несколько сложным. PicClick Insights — Seller Over 50,511 items sold. 1.2% negative feedback. You can easily access any of our Cobra product manuals here. Learn more… A visual user interface assumes added significance on GPS-enabled radar detectors like the Whistler CR90. It provides real-time vehicle speed, location and direction of travel, opening up a host of advanced functions.

Included are warnings of nearby red light cameras and speed cameras, courtesy of coordinates programmed into its memory. A USB port on the right side of the case allows updates of the red light camera database to keep it current. Shipping Shipping We take great care packaging every item to ensure safe shipment to you. We charge a shipping fee only to cover our costs of materials and labor. However, we will at times use Fedex or UPS. The carrier is based on package size, weight, value, and destination. At this time, we do not accept requests for a specific carrier. It will be determined by the warehouse at the time of shipment. The Whistler CR90 marks the company’s first offering in the windshield-mount, GPS-enabled class of radar detector and occupies the top spot in the CR-Series.

Next, find the model number or product name you need. The Whistler CR90 stands out for its elegant, intelligently-engineered and sophisticated design, not to mention its effectiveness in countering radar, lidar and red light cameras. Особенно радует работоспособность на переносные треноги и гаишников с «феном» в руке.

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