Автосигнализация viper 500 инструкция

Keep a record of the number of flashes, to assist your installer when taking the vehicle in for service. Also, I have yet to see the LED on the dash light up. Nothing else happens that I am aware of. Press and release the Valet button within 15 seconds. Press then Note: If the auto keypad lock feature is programmed On, the remote auto-… Page 38 • Remote start display: Clock, temperature or runtime Allows you to choose what is displayed in the text during the remote start sequence. Everything is silent. I would like it to make noise with the alarm is triggered.

Car Door Home (Garage — Open) * Home (Garage Close) * Car 1 Car 2 All Zones Defroster… Page 55: Quick Reference Guide Quick reference guide Arming To arm, press Silent Arm Press one time and then press Disarming To disarm, press tones. Power Saver Mode takes over under the following conditions: Power Saver when the system is armed: After the system has been… Page 47: Programming Options Programming options Your system has many custom programmable options. Page 60: Remote Start section of this guide. • Status LED doesn’t work. Is it plugged in? (See Plug-In LED and Valet/Program Switch section of this guide.) Is the LED plugged into the correct socket? • Door locks operate backwards. Что делать, если необходимая инструкция пользователя отсутствует на сайте? The H1/10 wire can also be used to activate the Turbo Timer mode when the car is running and this wire receives a ground. Page 25 BLUE/WHITE (-) 200 mA 2ND STATUS/REAR DEFOGGER This wire supplies a 200mA output as soon as the module begins the remote start process.

Page 23 H3/6 (+) (30A) FUSED IGNITION 1 RELAY INPUT This wire is the polarity feed for the Ignition1 relay. H3/7 PINK/WHITE (+) IGNITION 2 FLEX RELAY OUTPUT This wire is factory programmed as Ignition 2 and can be programmed as a 2nd accessory or as a 2nd starter. Thx! betsy New memberUsername: Kraze1996Post Number: 1Registered: Feb-07 Posted on I have an old Viper system which needs a new remote programmed to it. I brought the car to the dealer who installed the system many years ago and they did not know how to program the remote. Rossen Georgiev New memberUsername: RastarossenPost Number: 1Registered: Jul-06 Posted on Hello everyone, I spent a day reading through the forum and trying to figure out what to do. As a result, now I know that my car has a Viper C50 alarm which unfortunatelly malfunctioned yesterday. Число независимых зон охраны 5, Радиоканал, МГц 434 Радиус действия в режиме управления, м 50. Автоматическое запирание/отпирание дверей при включении/выключении зажигания. The remote start shuts down: •… Page 20 A U X Command Press and hold for 1.5 seconds to activate the Trunk Release. The 2-way remote will not “chirp” and the lock icon will appear to confirm arming.

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