Pocket scale инструкция mh 100

pocket scale инструкция mh 100
Reads: Capacity 100 g, Readability .01g, Power Two AAA, Platform Size 2.5 x 3″, Auto Off 60 Seconds No Activity. You don’t want to store a scale with any weight or pressure on the platform. Turn the scale off and wait about a minute. Scales can’t be treated this way! UPS & The Post office are the true enemy of all scales.

Calibration is required. To calibrate you hold the mode button until CAL appears on the screen. Full tare capacity, backlit LCD display, stainless steel platform and auto power off. The purpose of this guide is to help you understand electronic scales so you can successfully operate and maintain your scale. Tips & Care: Prior to using your scale for the first time, remove the plastic insulation strips from the battery compartment. The manual says that the tolerance for this scale is .02 grams. .12 is 6 times acceptable tolerance.

Only 5″ x 3″ x 0.75″ , 4 segment high contrast LCD display. Here’s a Hands On Look at American Weigh’s Model AWS-100 Digital Gram Scale. Many kitchen food products will have the weight set on the container so they make a good test item. If the scale reads the correct weight or within the margin of error, also noted in the manual, then your calibration was successful. However, the weighing range can shift slightly during shipping”. If the scale is weighing within an acceptable tolerance the scale should be left alone. If it is outside of tolerance, it should be calibrated.

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