Инструкция по платформе thinkorswim

инструкция по платформе thinkorswim
Market conditions are defined in the Order Rules dialog. Note: If you are using a non-Windows platform, some of the embedded content may not be available. Кликаем правой кнопкой мыши на нижний график слева. Accepted Order is ready to be processed either by the exchange or the Trade Desk operator or manually. Investors can fund their accounts, initiate trades, watch streaming news and view charts, all from their mobile devices.

Our streaming videos and educational resources make sure you only see what you want to see—and leave the annoying commercial interruptions behind. + Read more Speak no evil Traders aren’t always trying to one-up each other. Pressing the base key(s) with the additional one will redirect you to the corresponding component. Убираем галочку с Show Home Screen on every startup. Благодаря сканеру Thinkorswim, можно отобрать акции, которые наиболее подходят вашей стратегии.

Share strategies, ideas, and more in one of our chat rooms. + Read more Hear no evil The marketplace is full of rumors. It’s hard to figure out what’s true or just more Wall Street gossip. Выбираем имя сохраненных нами ранее настроем. В появившемся окне кликаем ОК. Все. When all the information has been inputted, click «Next.».

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