Pioneer avh-1450dvd инструкция

pioneer avh-1450dvd инструкция
Touch 0 to 9 to input a four digit code Touch 0 to 9 to input the registered number. code number. # To cancel the entered numbers, touch C. # To register the code, touch the following touch # To register the code, touch the following touch panel key. Page 73: Selecting The Background Display Section Menu operations Selecting the OSD (on-screen display) color The OSD color can be changed. Refer to Storing and recalling Local News Wed 28 may Radio 12:45 radio text on page 30. Tuning up or down manually. Refer to Automatic playback of DVDs on page ! While an iPod is connected to this unit, PIONEER, Skipping to another title. Others Educate (Education), Drama (Drama), Culture (Cul- ture), Science (Science), Varied (Varied), Children (Children’s), Social (Social affairs), Religion (Reli- gion), Phone In (Phone in), Touring (Travel), Leisure (Leisure), Document (Documentaries) Selecting the desired menu item. Use only discs featuring any of following logos.

Page 78: Connecting The Power Cord Section Installation Connecting the power cord Microphone input (AVH-P4450BT/AVH-2450BT only) Antenna input This product RGB input Fuse (10 A) AUX jack (3.5 ø) (AVH-P4450BT/AVH-P3450DVD only) Use a mini plug cable to connect with auxiliary device. Refer to Introduction of menu operations on page 45. Note You can register up to 12 columns. Page 76: Installation Connecting The Units ! The black cable is ground. This connection enables the unit to sense whether the car is moving forwards or backwards.

Page 9: Remote Control Section What’s what Remote control Part Operation Press to pause or re- sume playback. Normally, set to the excess characters will not be displayed. Page 36: Playback (multi-subtitle), Return To The Specified Scene, Selecting Audio Output, Pbc Playback Section Detailed instructions ! You can also switch between languages/audio Return to the specified scene systems using Video Setup menu. When installing CAUTION this unit or power amp (sold separately), make ! PIONEER does not recommend that you in- sure to connect the ground wire first.

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