Инструкция прошивки fly 123

инструкция прошивки fly 123
You’re the photographer—select an area within your video, capture, and then save a still image to your phone’s image gallery. The software allows charging status, cell volts, etc, to be viewed on the PC. Software also includes graphing functions. Next, simply place your smartphone into your VR headset and immerse yourself inside the incredible world of 360fly 4K content. Use the playback bar at the bottom of your screen to pause/restart a video or fast-forward/rewind to a desired point within your video file.

Когда наступит очередь вашего аппарата, при новом подключении по Wi-Fi появится уведомление с предложением обновить систему. Иногда это срабатывает не с первого раза, а иногда проходит несколько минут прежде чем появится OTA-обновление. After selecting, you’ll see a preview of the filter applied over your footage.

After saving you can elect to share your creation to your favorite social sites. For best results, use the GPS feature outdoors with a direct line to the sky free of interference from trees or tall buildings. Тем более на 442 уже есть Jelly Bean.Берите 442. Please make sure your firmware is as follows: App version 1.0.41, camera 1.1.9 and Naza-M 3.04.

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